Indoor Gun Range

Indoor Gun Range

Monday Closed

Tuesday - Friday          10:00am to  9:00pm

Saturday                       10:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday                         10:00am to  6:00pm

Range Rentals available on Mondays; please email for reservation.

Check in and practice the sport of shooting.

We will be closed April 1st - Happy Easter.



2 FOR 1

(2 SHOOTERS - $11.00+tx FOR 30 MINUTES -  SAME LANE)

(Does not include ammo or targets)

We provide a safe and clean indoor gun range, concealed carry classes (CCW), and gun safety classes.

We do not rent guns.  We stock common types of reloaded target ammunition for purchase.

All ammunition will be checked prior to entrance to the range.

All Firearms must be in a case or holster at all times in the Lobby.

Please join us on the range to practice the art of shooting!

Conceal Carry and
Basic Pistol Classes

Hours of Operations

2 Bays - 5 lanes each  - 25 Yards
1 Tactical Bay